Principal Update 19th July 2021

Good afternoon everyone-

Another strange and uncertain day for us all.  I hope that Day 1 went well for your family.

I can give you very few updates – we learn of things from the media, the same as everyone else.  This does make it very hard for future planning.

Wednesday is now a Lockdown Day – we will be providing on-site supervision for children of essential workers.

Please make your booking on-line by 3.00pm TUESDAY via the link:

We cannot accept late bookings, as I need to arrange the correct number of staff to supervise and confirm numbers with families.

Wellbeing Wednesday will be happening again – the Specialist teachers for Art, Chinese and PE have provided the curriculum for the day.  We have also included some Resilience Project activities for you to enjoy.

Grade 5 Sovereign Hill Camp – at this stage I cannot give you a definite answer about what will happen with Camp.  Hopefully we can attend, but safety is always going to be the priority.

Family Phone Calls – staff will be contacting all families on Wednesday if the Lockdown is to continue.  Please be available for the phone call – we will only do one per family – it is very important to keep in contact with each other.

We will not have any Webex contact until next week. (should it continue)

Computer Collection – we still have 6 families to collect their computers.  Could you please do this tomorrow.

I will send another Update tomorrow after the Premier’s announcement about the duration of the Lockdown.

I know it is frustrating, but we cannot change this, we can only make it better through our actions and thoughts.

Don’t forget to do your booking if you are working.

Stay safe

Robyn Jones on behalf of the 502 team.