Principal Update 20th July 2021

Good afternoon everyone – I hope you are staying warm.

The news today from the Premier is probably what we all expected.  The number of infections, particularly with so many schools involved, would indicate that we can’t return to face to face schooling just yet.

So, we continue with remote-learning until next Tuesday, with a hopeful return to school on Wednesday 28th July.

Thank you to everyone who is continuing to support your children through this.  You are doing a great job!

The Education Department have mandated 3 areas that we must monitor:

  1. Student attendance – visual daily check-in
  2. Student wellbeing – daily check ins
  3. Curriculum delivery – quality English and Maths focus

I will be sending out further information as to what this will look like for us.  It will involve using Webex. Tammie will be sending out information on how to access Webex tomorrow.

The Education Department are emphasising that students MUST continue their learning and that a lockdown is not a reason to stop learning.  This is our new ‘normal’ even though we may not necessarily like it.

As always, we will be here to help you with your computers and connectivity.  We will also have our ‘how to’ and ‘trouble-shooting’ videos available for you.


You will receive your link today to book for – Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

Bookings for Thursday 22nd July and Friday 23rd July will close 3.00 pm this WEDNESDAY.  Bookings for Monday 26th July and Tuesday 27th July will close at 3.00 pm this FRIDAY. Please ensure you complete your booking by this time.  You will receive confirmation after 3.00pm.

Students who have a disability are now eligible to attend on-site.  Please take advantage of this if your child has funding.

A reminder that children who have one parent at home, are not eligible to attend on-site.

Please use this link to book:

Regional Football – has been postponed.

Sovereign Hill Camp – we have just received confirmation that Sovereign Hill have cancelled all bookings until Saturday 31st July.  This is sad news for Grade 5, however we will do our very best to try for another booking this year.  Of course student safety is the most important thing.

Please send us a Xuno message if you are having any troubles with your computers – the system is working well.  We have fixed a few already!

Please give a call if you would like any support – you don’t have to do this alone!  We also have food hampers available for you if you need.

So, until our next Update, enjoy Wellbeing Wednesday tomorrow – I know that there are many great activities waiting for you to try.

Let’s keep working together – we can do this!

Robyn and all the 502 Team