7 Day Covid Lockdown May 2021

Thursday 27th May 2021


Dear Parents and Carers

It probably comes as no surprise that Victoria is unfortunately in Lockdown for the next 7 days. As you could imagine, we are all working very hard to get the latest information to you as it comes to hand.

We believe that tomorrow will be a pupil-free day but are waiting on official advice from DET. This would mean NO STUDENTS will be required to come to school tomorrow.  They will not be receiving remote instruction from a teacher, or be expected to complete work at home.

We encourage families to make arrangements for this.


The school will again be offering on-site attendance for the children of essential workers only. 

Hours of attendance will be 8.45am to 3.20pm. 

School buses will run as normal.

If you wish to apply for on-site attendance, please complete the booking form TOMORROW by 3.00pm.

Click this link to make a booking: https://stawellps.vic.edu.au/on-site-attendance-form/

We will contact you with confirmation later in the day.

The booking form can again be found on our website.

Please complete your bookings for Monday to Thursday – this is to ensure we have enough staff on-site to cover student numbers.

Late applications cannot be accepted.

Please note:  The Lockdown time frame could be shortened or lengthened at any time. 

                         This decision is controlled solely by the Department of Health.


  • All computers have been sent home for Grades 1 -6
  • Prep families will collect their computers on Monday – we will contact you regarding collection details
  • Students will complete their remote-learning through Google Classrooms starting on Monday
  • Staff will be contacting all families on Monday to ensure connectivity

please be available to take your call so that we can give you as much assistance as possible

Accessing Google Classroom:

Some laptops do not have Chrome on their desktop. They have Microsoft Edge instead. If this is the case, please click on Edge (image shown below) on the laptop and type google.com.au in the address bar. You can then log on to Google Classroom from there.

We will send out some more technology guides tomorrow to help you out.

  • We will again provide internet dongles to those families who have poor internet access. 

Please contact the school if you need one.

  • The school work requirements will be kept to a minimum – ensuring continuation of education but not placing demands on families – at this stage it is only 7 days, including a weekend!
  • There will be no Webex meetings.

Computer Care:

  • Please continue to take care of the computers and cords – unfortunately due to the number of cords that were not returned in the last period of remote-learning, there will be a replacement cost of $40.00.
  • We have now provided each student with a computer case free of charge (replacement cost will be $25.00)

We will always be available to support you in any way we can.  Please contact us on 53581255 if you need.

Please take care and stay safe.

Robyn Jones on behalf of all the staff of 502.