Welcome to our Remote Learning page for August 2021

Our August Lockdown #6 expectations- as required by Department of Education

The DET requires schools to have daily check-in Webex meetings with our students. You will see the Webex Meeting Schedule in the plan above- your classroom teacher will organise a check-in meeting at a time within their allocated time. Eg. Grade Prep are allocated 9-10am. They will organise a 15-20 min meeting within that time- they will let you know through their daily slides and give you plenty of notice.


Below are some guides to help you with finding your child’s login details and how to access Google Classroom.

How to find Edupass login details on XUNO

How to logon to Google Classroom

Your eduPASS email address is used to log on to Google Classroom.

Do you need tech support from school? Please click this button to let us know what help you need and we’ll contact you as soon as we can: