Welcome to our Remote Learning page for Term 3

Please see the video below for a step-by-step instruction on how to access the XUNO Parent Portal and your eduPASS letter.

Our Term 3 Remote Learning Expectations

How to find Edupass login details on XUNO

How to logon to Google Classroom

Your eduPASS email address is used to log on to Google Classroom.

Onsite Learning Bookings

Bookings can only be made one week at a time. Bookings will open at the start of the week prior to the one you want to book (eg. if you are booking for week 3, you can start booking in week 2). Bookings will strictly close at 3pm on a Thursday and families will be informed if they have been successful by 12pm on Fridays. Bookings made after 3pm Thursdays, will not be accepted.

Need some tech support?

Please click the link below to log in a support request. Either Tammie or our Tech Support Officer will help you sort your problem out.