Principal Update 8th September 2021

Wednesday 8th September 2021

Good afternoon everyone

Based on today’s announcement by the Premier- Preps, Grade 1s and 2s will be returning to school THIS FRIDAY.

Grades 3 to 6 will continue learning from home for the remainder of Term 3.

I will give a quick summary for you of what this will look like at 502:

  • Prep – 2s will return to school to their own classrooms for face to face learning on Friday
  • School times will remain the same
  • Unfortunately, there is still no parent entry permitted to the school grounds – please phone the Office if you need assistance
  • Canteen will not operate
  • Masks are still recommended to be worn by students.  If you do not wish your child to wear a mask, could you please let us know (unless you have already done so)
  • THURSDAY – tomorrow will remain as planned, learning from home and on-site attendance remains the same
  • FRIDAY – Webex meetings and small group work will continue in the usual way


  • On-site bookings are open on the website for:  
  • 1. Authorised Workers (with permit/s)

2. Vulnerable children

The criteria remains the same.  Bookings close 3.00pm this FRIDAY

Booking link:

  • Grades 3-6 will receive their Google Classrooms slides in the normal way, for the remainder of the week.
  • THURSDAY – whether on-line or on-site, we will be having our Footy Colours Day – more details soon
  • FRIDAY – as it is the end of Term 3, school will finish at 2.20pm

After another short timeframe, I hope that this answers all your questions. 

We have 7 days of Term 3 remaining – let’s make them as positive and happy as possible during these difficult times.


Robyn Jones – Principal