Principal Update 1st September

Dear Parents and Carers

Well, it’s happened – we are locked down for the term.  But probably no surprises really.

Let’s look at the positives – no more changes (fingers crossed) and it is only 12 days.  We can do this!

To assist staff with the extension:

  • TOMORROW will be an official Planning Day for all classroom teachers
  • There will be NO WEBEXES or communications from teachers tomorrow – the day will be used to organise for the Lockdown extension
  • Students will still need to complete their work on Google Classrooms tomorrow and then back to normal on Friday

Due to the large numbers of students attending on-site, I will now need to call upon classroom teachers to help with the supervision.

This means that they will NOT be available on the day they are supervising at school – so NO Webex meetings and NO contact with families.  This is unfortunate, but they will be needed at school. Staff will certainly let you know when this happens.

On-site Supervision:


(please be respectful of our Office staff who are doing a fantastic job in organising this for our school)

  • Supervising staff are called into work based upon our booking numbers – I am unable to keep adding students with late bookings.
  • For legal reasons, all students attending on-site MUST BE BOOKED IN via the link (school website)
  • Bookings for this FRIDAY – close 1.00pm TOMORROW (Thursday)
  • Bookings for next week – close 3.00pm on this FRIDAY
  • Authorised Workers Permits – MUST be provided with both sides completed
  • A permit is required for BOTH parents please

Student Drop-off and Collection:

  • A new bus zone has been painted out the front today which means parking will be extremely restricted
  • Please do not park in the zones as the fines are significant
  • Drop–off: students enter via the front Office
  • Collection: student collection will now happen from the Ord St side where parents can park more easily.

Family Wellbeing:

  • Please, just do what you can. 
  • The Lockdowns have turned our lifestyle upside down – but for the sake of our health and our families, please take care.
  • Please remember that schools do not set the rules, we must follow directives.

Please look after yourselves – enjoy the sun when you can. 

Robyn Jones 😊