Principal Update- Information about Back 2 School Term 4

Congratulations! We have almost made it to the end of Term 3, with one week to go!

Once again we thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to
remote-learning 2.0. It has had its challenges, but also its rewards in terms of
developing independent, tech-savvy learners. Teachers have certainly worked hard to
provide you with appropriate work and as much support as possible. The home-school
partnership has never been more important.

Mrs Jones has made a video to explain everything about the return to school in Term 4.

Our latest school newsletter, also full of important information is available here

Now that you have watched the video, we’re sure that you will be very keen to book in your child for their Back To School Student Learning Interview with their teacher!

To make bookings as easy as possible for all of us, we are using the same system that we use for our Parent Teacher Interviews. To book, you need to book through XUNO.

There are 2 ways that you can do this:

  1. Book through your XUNO Family App on your phones.

Open up the XUNO Family App.

Choose Parent Teacher Interviews from the menu on the left

Make your bookings for your child/ren.

2. Book through the XUNO Parent Portal, using your logon details

3. If you have difficulty with either of these options, please call the school office on 53581255 and they can help you with your booking.

This guide is also available to walk you through your booking

During these Student Learning Interviews, the teachers will be gaining important assessment information to be used to best support your child’s learning in Term 4. It is essential for your child to be booked in. Each interview will be for 30 minutes.

The interviews will be held at school
-parents are to drop off and pick up students at the front gates
-teachers will meet you at the gate

Online bookings will close at 9am Wednesday 16th September. After that time, you will be allocated an interview time through a phone call with your classroom teacher.

to best plan for their learning needs after our remote-learning period.
-parents do not attend – enjoy some free time!

We have discovered that the XUNO system that we are using to book interviews is great for booking PT interviews, but causing some issues for families trying to book more than one child at the same time. The system does not allow you to do this, as it assumes that one parent cannot have an interview with more than one teacher at the same time. There are two ways you can go with this:

1. You book for your children at different times.

2. You book for one child and then contact your other child/ren’s teacher to book an appointment directly with them at the same time.

3. Send an email to Tammie to see if she can make a multiple booking at same time. (please let her know some times that suit) Thanks, Tammie