P-6 Full Return to School Update

We are very excited about welcoming back our Year 3-6 Students on Tuesday June 9th, 2020! As you can imagine we have needed to make some plans to make sure that we are following the required social distancing rules for adults.

The following advice comes from the Department of Education:

Staggered start and finish

Schools must give consideration to steps that can be taken to reduce the number of adults congregating outside the school at any one time, including parents and carers at peak times such as drop-off and pick-ups.

Schools will need to put in place arrangements that meet the intent of the health advice and ensure community confidence.

The biggest change Stawell 502 has made to reduce the number of adults gathering and to help out our youngest students have the safest pick-up possible, we are staggering our pick-up times.

Year P-2 Students Pick-Up time will be at 3.00pm

Year 3-6 Students Pick-Up time will be at 3.20pm.

Year 3-6 students who have siblings in P-2 will be asked to collect them and leave with them at 3.00pm.

Bus travellers and Aussie Kids students will be leaving as usual at 3.20pm.

Parents are asked to PICK-UP QUICKLY and GO QUICKLY. This will help the next group of parents who will be arriving for the 3.20pm pick up time.

Please read the following document so that you understand the changes we have made. We understand that this may cause an inconvenience for you, but we have needed to make these changes. These changes will be in place until the end of Term 2 at least.

Return to School Information for Families- Week 9 June 9th 2020