Google Classroom for your Phones/iPads/Tablets

Hi Families,

We have really loved strengthening our home learning partnerships with you over the remote learning experience. Feedback from our surveys with you has also shown us that many of you have also appreciated knowing what your child has been learning at school. We think that this is all so positive and we’d like to continue building upon this connection with you.

We know that students are more engaged at school when they are supported by their families in their learning- and a wonderful silver lining coming from Covid-19 is that now have a stronger learning partnership with you!

Our teachers are planning to keep using Google Classroom as a way to stay connected with you. They want to share their weekly learning plans and learning that is happening at school. Who knows what else might come out of this! Also, you are still able to send messages to your teacher and office staff through XUNO if you need to. We will need you to download the Google Classroom App.

You can download the Google Classroom app to your device at home (Iphones/Android phones/iPads/Tablets/Home computers) and you can logon in much the same way that your students logged on to their school computers.

Download Google Classroom from Google Play

Download Google Classroom from Appstore

I have made a short video to help you out with logging on to Google Classroom from your phone. Please click on this link if you’d like to see that

If you no longer know what your child’s Edupass login details are, please call send me a message through XUNO or contact the office. I can then email it out to you.

With thanks,

Tammie Meehan – Assistant Principal