Wellbeing Wednesday

We have had a few questions from families asking us what Wellbeing Wednesday is all about. We have put this post together to hopefully answer a few of those questions.

What is Wellbeing Wednesday?

  • It’s a day of less tasks set by teachers, they will still set some
  • Wellbeing activities may be suggested by teachers
  • A day for catching up
  • You will notice that the expectations are less than on other days

Can we use the day to reset and refresh at home?

Absolutely! This is a call you can make as the parents of your child, because you know your family best. Your family may actually need this day to take some pressure and stress off a bit. If that’s the case, that’s ok. Your family may be looking to do some of the activities set. Your family may choose to catch up on other weekly tasks. We will still set new activities for those who need them. You will need to do your attendance as usual and then you can choose what suits you all the best from there.