Principal Update 4

To all of our families,

Our Principal, Robyn, has made a new Principal Update #4 video to share with you. We have a very important message that we need to share with you. Please watch it. Click on the image below to start the video.

We have been asked the same question by many parents- “How much SCHOOL do we need to do at home?”.

The image below shows the Department of Education expectations for Remote Learning- from home and for those children who are attending on-site remote education at school.

As you can see, this is far less than what students would be expected to do if they came to school from 9-3.20pm. Term 2 is not a normal term. We are all providing ‘CRISIS REMOTE EDUCATION’ for our students. This is very different to our normal program and is definitely not HOME SCHOOLING.

The DET has put together this information for families at home. You may find some of that handy.

The last thing we need for our students is to sit them in front of a computer all day. Try to give them time to play, run around outside, cook, build things, etc. It’s even totally fine for them to spend some time watching TV. ABC ME even have School TV available. You can also view this on ABC Iview

What can you control at home:

You know how to love and care for your children. You understand your child better than anyone else in the world and can provide them with the love and support that they need. During this incredibly uncertain and anxious time, that is their most important need. Rather than being overly concerned about how much they are learning, whether they are reading enough and practising enough maths, let’s focus on their wellbeing.

The world is a stressful place right now and anxiety is contagious. Children need to feel supported and comforted. Home is supposed to be a safe space for children, regardless of what is happening outside in the world, and this is more important than ever. The DET has created this information about Managing Screentime, Health and Wellbeing.

Do what is right for your family. Be flexible in what you can fit into your day. We are all trying to adjust to these huge changes. Try not to compare yourselves to what others are posting about what they are doing at home on social media.

Right now, let’s take a breath and do what we can do. Your teachers are trying to minimise the amount of tasks they are setting. Remember, we are also learning and trying to find the right amount of learning. We feel a bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears at the moment and looking for that ‘just right’ bowl of learning tasks.

We’re here to support you.

Do you need some support on using some of our technology? For example:

  • Laptop logins
  • Google Classroom
  • Webex

Please complete this form and we will get in contact with you to help you out.